I'm a mom and a child life specialist,

I know how difficult it can be to watch your child in pain.

Hi! I'm Katie Taylor, a certified child life specialist. If you haven’t heard of that role before, I’m honored to explain the work we do with children and families in healthcare. Child life specialists are child development and psychosocial care experts - that means we take our knowledge of human development and family systems and integrate them into healthcare practices - this makes us the perfect partner to help prepare you and your child for immunizations. As a mother and as a child life specialist, I know how difficult it can be to watch your child in pain - but that’s why we’re here with you to prepare you for every step of the way.



Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor is a certified child life specialist, podcast host and CEO + Founder Child Life On Call. With the expertise of a child life specialist and the heart of a momma, Katie's passion is supporting parents, kids and the care team with the tools they deserve so they can go from overwhelmed to empowered during medical situations. With over a decade of in-hospital experience, Katie has helped hundreds of families cope with and navigate challenging life events. Katie graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and has studied and worked at facilities like Children's National Medical Center, Inova Children's Hospital, Dell Children's Medical Center and in a leadership role at St. David's Children's Hospital. She is now the CEO and Founder of Child Life On Call LLC.

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